FAQ Category: Support groups

What is the role of support groups to help Costello syndrome families?

Starting with the Costello Syndrome website http://costellokids.com and the International Costello Syndrome Support Group (ICSSG) in the mid- 1990s, a network of families and professionals has developed into a dynamic partnership. This has facilitated education…

Are there CS support groups outside of the US? How large are they? Where do they meet?

TheFrench association : Association Française dusyndrome de Costello, http://costello.free.fr/ This association expanded to include families with CFC syndrome in 2005. Most of the members are French, but there are also families from other European and…

Do you have a support group in the USA?

Yes we do, its called the Costello Syndrome Family Network. You can find their website at http://www.costellosyndromeusa.org/