FAQ Category: Eyes, vision

Can you tell me about the eye problems in Costello syndrome?

Almost all children with Costello syndrome have eye issues. They include common problems such as refractive errors, strabismus, amblyopia, and rarer disorders such as nystagmus and optic nerve anomalies. An abnormal head posture may be…

What kind of eye problems have been seen in Costello Syndrome?

Refractive errors happen if light rays are not focused on the retina (light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye) that converts light to nerve impulses enabling our brains to see clearly. The types…

Will my child need glasses?

Your child may need glasses if there is a refractive error or for correction of strabismus.

Will my child be blind?

Blindness is very rare in Costello syndrome. Very severe optic nerve hypoplasia can end up with very poor vision, but it?s rare.

When should I take my child for an eye exam?

Paediatricians should assess children for eye problems in regularly scheduled health exams, starting in the newborn period. The first eye exam with a paediatric ophthalmologist is recommended between 3 to 6 months years old or…