FAQ Category: Ears, Hearing

Can you tell me about hearing loss in general?

Hearing loss can be divided into conductive deafness (a problem of the external or middle ear, for example related to fluid) and sensorineural deafness (problem of the inner ear). In the general population hearing loss…

Does it occur in Costello syndrome?

Significant hearing loss is uncommon in Costello syndrome, although there are some children who have either conductive or sensorineural hearing loss.

Should parents check for it?

It is possible that your child has already had his or her hearing tested, either as part of a newborn screening program (in some areas) or as part of their ongoing medical workup. If a…

Will my child become deaf?

It would be unusual for a child -or adult- with Costello syndrome to become deaf. Your child?s doctor should consider other genetic or environmental causes of deafness.