FAQ Category: Cancer

Is it true that young children with CS can get cancer?

Although we do not know exactly why children and young people with CS have a increased risk of cancer, we do know that the HRAS gene is important in cancers in everybody.

How common is it?

The risk of cancer in CS seems to be around 15% or 1 chance in 7 children with CS. Most of that risk is up until age 6.

What are the types of Cancer?

Most of that risk is up until age 6, for a muscle cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. This often occurs inside the abdomen (or tummy), but it can be on the face or arms or legs. Rarer…

How do doctors treat the cancers which occur in Costello syndrome?

The treatment for cancers in CS is the same as for the same type of cancer in other children.

Is the treatment different in CS then for the non CS population?

No, the treatment is exactly the same in both populations of children.