Donors & Fundraisers

Donors & Fundraisers

Costello syndrome is incredibly rare and the care of a loved once with the syndrome can have a significant impact on family life. Each new piece of research and community event offers further insight into the potential outcomes for Costello kids and adults making the future lighter and brighter for both themselves and their loving carers.

Here are some of our brilliant donors and fundraisers who have made a difference through their fundraising efforts on behalf of CostelloKids.

A big thank you to DHL

DHL Staff raised £276.65 for CostelloKids, this was matched by the DHL foundation. For a grand total of £553.30

We would like to say a Huge thank you St Agnes boys and girls, who have been surfing and fundraising for CostelloKids.

They raised an amazing £3,440.00 This is the Lascelles clan, who organised the surfing competition in memory of their husband/dad Chops Lascelles.

Nicki is amazing – she raised money for CostelloKids by running the London Marathon.

She has totally blown us away so far with her support and kindness, and has raised almost £4,100 Help her to raise more by making a donation. Thank you Nicki for everything you are doing.

Joe’s 40th Birthday!

Joe asked for donations to be made to CostelloKids rather than receiving presents for her very special 40th birthday! She raised 359!

Thank you Joe.

Fiona’s Birthday

Fiona is a CostelloKids mum and chose to raise funds for CostelloKids for her birthday this year.

Thanks so much to you Fiona, and little Annie is gorgeous.

Fiona raised £759

Alyssa’s Birthday

Alyssa chose to raise funds for CostelloKids for her birthday and raised an awesome $694USD.

Thanks so much Alyssa! We hope you had a beautiful birthday.

Djodjo’s fundraiser

Thank you so much to Djodjo for his wonderful fundraiser for CostelloKids, raising €370!

Thank you Mary!

Mary Nations is a proud CostelloKids mum who raised $300USD this year as her birthday wish of family and friends.

Thank you for your kindness Mary.

Charlotte’s Birthday

Charlotte is a proud CostelloKids mum who fundraised €231 through family and friends for her birthday in 2018.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity Charlotte. We appreciate you!

Sara’s Birthday fundraiser

Sarah’s life has been touched by Costello Syndrome so chose to celebrate her birthday in 2018 by inviting family and friends to donate to CostelloKids.

Sara raised $150USD. Thank you Sara!